(Too many to list, but an attempt would include …)

Teachers: literally or inspirationally:

My mentorMilt Hinton

Anthony Braxton

Eric Ewazen

Louise Talma

John Zorn


George Cartwright: saxophonist, composer, improviser

John Lindberg: bassist and composer

Steve LaSpina: bassist, composer and educator

Esther Noh: violinist

Angelica Sanchez: pianist, composer

Connie Crothers: pianist

Joëlle Léandre:bassist, composer, improviser par excellence

James Emery: guitarist, composer

Kristin Norderval: singer (soprano) and composer

Frode Gjerstad: saxophone

Billy Stein: guitarist

Mary Rowell: violinist

Eleonor Sandresky:piano, composition

Jim Pugliese:drummer

Kazzrie Jaxen:pianist

Bill Payne: clarinetist