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barking hoop
Barking Hoop was founded by Kevin Norton in 1999 and is dedicated to releasing new and original music. These recordings are available online by credit card at the Strudelmedia Store, as well as through North Country Distributors, Downtown Music Gallery, and Verge Music (in Canada).

current releases
Billy Stein Trio: Hybrids CLICK HERE TO BUY Billy Stein Trio

Barking Hoop BKH011
The debut recording of guitarist Billy Stein features Reuben Radding (bass) and Rashid Bakr (drums).

"The rhythmic empathy within the trio is strong, as is their ability to anticipate and dovetail each other's next move."
       Bill Shoemaker, Point of Departure

"Somewhere in between Dom Minasi and Joe Morris are those fleet, flowing, quick, cerebral, streams of notes of Billy Stein.... One of most fascinating jazz guitar discs to appear in quite a long while."
       Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

Instinctual Eye: Born in Brooklyn CLICK HERE TO BUY Instinctual Eye
Born in Brooklyn

Barking Hoop BKH010
With Kevin Norton (vibraphone, percussion), Frode Gjerstad (alto saxophone, clarinet) and Nick Stephens (bass).

"This is a fine improv date.... This has that European feel of scurrying activity, the trio breathing together and weaving their wares into a rich tapestry.... defines what is best about great improv dates."
       Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

SString Trio of New York with Oliver Lake CLICK HERE TO BUY String Trio of New York with Oliver Lake
Frozen Ropes

Barking Hoop BKH009
With Oliver Lake (alto saxophone), Rob Thomas (violin), John Lindberg (bass) and James Emery (acoustic guitar and soprano guitar).

"This long term commitment (the group was founded in 1977) has given the Trio an improvisational understanding that is unequalled."
       The Wire

"Oliver Lake warps conventions, then makes himself at home in the new landscape; he can still convey exultation, ferocity, tenderness, or the blues."
       John Pareles, The New York Times

Kevin Norton's Bauhaus Quartet: Time-Space Modulator CLICK HERE TO BUY Kevin Norton's Bauhaus Quartet
Time-Space Modulator

Barking Hoop BKH008
With Kevin Norton (drums, vibraphone, percussion), Dave Ballou (trumpet, cornet), John Lindberg (bass) and Tony Malaby (tenor, soprano saxophones). Recorded live at Tonic (New York City) in April 2004, and 'in the basement' in August 2003.

"This is Mr. Norton's twelfth superb release in the past decade as a leader or co-leader ... he never ceases to amaze us with the immense care, craft, playing and composing of each disc he is involved with. ...I dig the way Kevin also pushes both Tony's saxes and Dave's trumpets into rich new territories, sounding much different than they sound in other contexts."
       Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter

Kevin Norton/Joelle Leandre/Tomas Ulrich: Ocean of Earth CLICK HERE TO BUY Kevin Norton/Joëlle Léandre/Tomas Ulrich
Ocean of Earth

Barking Hoop BKH007
"Ocean of Earth" is rich in details with a broad range of moods and orchestral colors; a soundtrack for dreams. Gutsy, cathartic and focused playing that these three musicians are known for. With Kevin Norton (drums, vibraphone, marimba, percussion), Joëlle Léandre (double bass, voice), and Tomas Ulrich (cello, voice). Recorded October 2002 in New York.

"4 Stars.... the varied textures, extraordinary musicianship, and extended techniques keep the listener on the edge of the seat, wondering what to expect next.... There are so many highlights that it is impossible to mark them all."
       Steven Loewy, All Music Guide

"Extraordinary world-class trio/duo/solo improvisations from three giants playing together for the first time. A superbly produced and perfectly recorded studio effort... exquisite taste and deeply creative spirits throughout."
       Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter

Kevin Norton+Haewon Min play Braxton CLICK HERE TO BUY Kevin Norton and Haewon Min
"Play the Music of Anthony Braxton"

Five compositions of Anthony Braxton, recorded live at Roulette in New York City in 2001. With Kevin Norton (marimba, vibraphone, percussion) and Haewon Min (piano).

"Composer/percussionist Kevin Norton has spent a lot of quality time with the estimable saxophonist/composer, Anthony Braxton...the artist's spin on Braxton's music yields bountiful dividends. Recommended."
       Glenn Astarita,

Kevin Norton: Change Dance CLICK HERE TO BUY Kevin Norton
"Change Dance / Troubled Energy"

Recorded in June 2001, featuring Dave Ballou (trumpet, cornet), Mark Dresser (bass), Steve Lehman (alto/sopranino saxophones), Rachel Telesmanick (alto/baritone saxophones) and Kevin Norton (drums, percussion).

" of America's most versatile and creative percussionist-composers"
       Graham Lock, Jazzwise

Anthony Braxton Quartet: 8 Standards CLICK HERE TO BUY Anthony Braxton Quartet
"8 Standards (Wesleyan) 2001" BKH-004 (2-CD set)

A 2-disc set recorded live at Wesleyan University in April 2001. The quartet features Anthony Braxton (sopranino, soprano, alto saxophones), Kevin O'Neil (electric guitar), Andy Eulau (bass), and Kevin Norton (drums, glockenspiel, percussion). Includes Airegin, Escapade, Nuages, Someday My Prince Will Come, Why Do I Love You, Pujab, Duke Ellington's Sound of Love, and Lullaby in Rhythm.

"Braxton has so much to say...he continues to state new case law with fresh concepts filled with originality."
       Frank Rubolino, Cadence

"Whatever the prevailing definitions of jazz, Braxton's music conforms majestically: rhythmic, virtuosic, powerfully emotive, constantly reinventing itself"
       The Peguin Guide to Jazz on Compact Disc

Kevin O'Neil, Sous Rature CLICK HERE TO BUY Kevin O'Neil Quartet
"Sous Rature"

The first solo recording from Kevin O'Neil, the remarkable guitarist with Anthony Braxton, features Kevin O'Neil (composition, guitar), Steve Lehman and Jackson Moore (alto saxophone), and Kevin Norton (drums and percussion).

" of the best guitarist to emerge in years, definitely one to keep an eye on."
       Harvey Pekar, Signal to Noise

" of the best CDs of 2001..." Cadence

Kevin Norton, In Context / Out of Context CLICK HERE TO BUY Kevin Norton's Context Trio
"In Context / Out of Context"

"In Context/Out of Context" is a piece in multiple sections for virtuoso musicians. Recorded live at the (now defunct) Context in New York City on October 1, 1999, featuring Kevin Norton (composition, drums, vibraphone and percussion), David Bindman (soprano/tenor saxophone and flute), and Bob DeBellis (soprano/tenor saxophone and flute).

"Kevin Norton's drumming is nothing short of remarkable"
     Percussive Arts Journal

"...amazing..." Cadence

"Norton's awareness of musical history is what makes him such an exciting player. He never sounds as if he is playing pastiche post-bop or New Thing, but it is always clear where his roots lie. It's an ancestry he has investigated with impressive thoroughness and genuine understanding."
       Brian Morton, Jazz Review

Kevin Norton: For Guy Debord CLICK HERE TO BUY Kevin Norton Ensemble featuring Anthony Braxton
"For Guy Debord" (In Nine Events)

Recorded live at the Tri-Centric Festival in New York City on September 24, 1998, "For Guy Debord" is composed by Kevin Norton and features special guest Anthony Braxton along with ensemble members Bob Debellis, David Bindman, Tomas Ulrich and Joe Fonda.

"In his writing and playing Norton displays much subtlety, imagination and originality." Harvey Pekar, Jazz Times

"Norton's arranging skills are formidable... this is a meaty and enjoyable work of art." Walter Horn, Cadence

" of the best CDs of 2000" Cadence and Jazz Times